• Angela Lockett

Mandatory Minimums Are Not The Answer

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

I was sad and angry but not surprised when recent legislation mandating mandatory sentences between 6-14 years for gun possession passed. Did everyone not see the devastation to our community from the same kind of drug laws? They say this is a way to address the 764 killings in the city of Chicago from 2017. I say locking people up with mandatory sentences for non-violent offenses is cruel but unfortunately very usual punishment for black people in America. Even if the police were trusted to not lie on or frame people, the law is still heartless. It doesn’t require that you actually use the gun, just that someone, usually a cop, says that you have it. And lord forbid you’ve ever gotten a felony conviction for anything at any point in your life, because then you can be sentenced up to 14 years in prison. I suppose our elected officials are more concerned about downstate correctional officers having jobs than black kids having fathers.

I suspect the real driving force is the kick-back money to be made from the dolling out of clothing, food and management contracts. After all, its clear the driving force is not because they care about the 596 black people killed, God rest their souls, in Chicago.

Poverty breeds crime.

Legislators could if they wanted pass a plan similar to the Marshall plan of 1948 which rebuilt Europe with u.s. tax dollar money. Why not? Are not the black citizens of Chicago worth as much as those in Europe?


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